SAE automated vehicle classifications:

Level 5: Other than setting the destination and starting the system, no human intervention is required. The automatic system can drive to any location where it is legal to drive and make its own decisions.

"autonomous car (also known as a driverless car, auto,[1] self-driving car,[2] robotic car"


See All SAE levels below.

A revolution in transportation is coming.

But still many  large infrastructure  plans  are based on century old technology.

This website will show the development to fully autonomous vehicles.

The website www.cabibus.com  will try to illustrate  how this development will shape the future of mobility and help  politicians  to  choose the  best ways for sustainable solutions.   




Waymo - the leader

October 2018. California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has granted Waymo the first permit in the state to begin driverless testing on public roads. 


October 2018  Waymo self-driving vehicles just crossed 10 million miles driven on public roads.


November 2017  Waymo’s fully self-driving vehicles  are test-driving on public roads, without anyone in the driver’s seat.

Elon Musk

The future we're building

TED April 2017

Chris Anderson: Won't ever have to touch the wheel — by the end of 2017.

Elon Musk: Yeah. Essentially, November or December of this year, we should be able to go all the way from a parking lot in California to a parking lot in New York, no controls touched at any point during the entire journey.


Apparently, a successful trip is still to be made. Feb 7, 2018, the company wrote in the letter to shareholders: "The upcoming autonomous coast-to-coast drive will showcase a major leap forward for our self-driving technology."

Carmageddon is Coming

We’re on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruption in transport history




Better than your own car

Travelling door-to-door in an autonomous electric minibus with 7-9 private cabins will be the most convenient, safe, effective and economic way to commute.

This will result in a substantial reduction of traffic congestions and a fast conversion to fossil free transportation.

All SAE levels:

    Level 0: Automated system has no vehicle control, but may issue warnings.

    Level 1: Driver must be ready to take control at any time. Automated system may include features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Parking Assistance with automated steering, and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) Type II in any combination.

    Level 2: The driver is obliged to detect objects and events and respond if the automated system fails to respond properly. The automated system executes accelerating, braking, and steering. The automated system can deactivate immediately upon takeover by the driver.

    Level 3: Within known, limited environments (such as freeways), the driver can safely turn their attention away from driving tasks, but must still be prepared to take control when needed.

    Level 4: The automated system can control the vehicle in all but a few environments such as severe weather. The driver must enable the automated system only when it is safe to do so. When enabled, driver attention is not required.

    Level 5: Other than setting the destination and starting the system, no human intervention is required. The automatic system can drive to any location where it is legal to drive and make its own decisions.


The speed dimension: The safety of the automated system is highly depending on the vehicle speed.

So a vehicle automation level should include the maximum speed as in this example:

CabiBUS. Level 4/110 km/h.

(CabiBUS will have a fleet control center that can take remote control ov the vehicle when nesessary so Level 5 is not required.)

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